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Pokemon Platinum Confirmation And Stuff.

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Pokemon Platinum Confirmation And Stuff.

Post by Fan1 on Sat Sep 20, 2008 11:05 pm

Made this thread to tell what rumors are true/not true and shed some light on various topics.

- Glaciada Flower only works on Movie Shaymin, legally obtained Shaymin via Japanese game glitch or AR to trigger the event do not work.

- Underground is still not wifi it's AD-HOC only

- Shaymin Forms work like Deoxys forms in the sense that what one form learns the other forms can use too (ie. Sky Shaymin can use Earth Power, Land Shaymin can use Air Slash)

- Clone Trick via GTS no longer works in Platinum

- Shaymin transforms back to land form when you place it in storage, gets frozen or when it is night time

- Pokemon with alternate forms (Rotom, Shaymin, Girantina) do not work over wifi or union room. Only work in local battles between two Platinum games

- All pokemon are "normalized" when you enter wifi or union room. Meaning if they have an alternate form they are brought back to it's original form with the original forms stats (meaning bringing a Sky Shaymin to wifi will turn it back to Land Shaymin with Land Shaymin stats).

- Any changes to moves (ie. accuracy, power etc...) are change to how they were in D/P. Only things that are still retained are moves taught via move tutor.
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