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Sparks' ArtShop

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Sparks' ArtShop

Post by lilsparks101 on Sat Aug 16, 2008 3:36 pm

Hello and welcome to my artshop when requesting my work please use the form i will provide, while also following the rules of my shop. Examples of my work can be found in this first post.
-Pokemon on work?
-size(default is 400x120)?
-colors(primary colors and secondary only i can handle the rest)?
-Theme(Mystical, light, dark, ect)
Things to know:
-Do not rush me your request should be done within 30 minutes
-i usually put a small shiny minun on all of work (dont ask why)
-do not request anything ridiculous like a meowth holding milk i make banners like the one in my signature nothing weird
-do not request animations
Examples of my work:

Waiting List:
Happy Customers:
Upset Customers:

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