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Pokemon of the Week: Tentacruel.

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Pokemon of the Week: Tentacruel.

Post by Ghost42 on Thu Aug 07, 2008 4:38 am

WWPL tier list location:

Water and Poison.

Clear body/ Liquid Ooze

Stats (formula: Stat Name, Base, Min*, Max*):

HP, 80, 270, 364.

Attack, 70, 145, 239.

Defence, 65, 135, 229.

Special Attack, 80, 165, 259.

Special Defence, 120, 245, 339.

Speed, 100, 205, 299.

* At level 100 with a neutral nature.

Tentacruel is a decent special wall with great set up and annoyance options with access to Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rock, Haze* and Rapid Spin* to name a few.

Tentacruel's move pool looks limited by is surprisingly versatile and can be very unpredictable, (after a swords dance Tentacruel can have 478 attack and 299 speed with a completely neutral nature).

(NOTE: Rapid Spin can not be on the same move pool with Haze as they are both egg moves and there are no compatible parents that can learn both at the same time).

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