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Pokemon Diamond General Guide

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Pokemon Diamond General Guide

Post by Latios on Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:43 am

Pokémon Diamond F.A.Q.
Platform--Nintendo DS
Written and edited by Latiosmaster47
version 1.1--added GLs and E4

Table of Contents
1.)Gym Leaders Guide
2.)Elite Four Guide
3.)After the Elite Four
4.)The National Dex
5.)The Poketch
6.)Legends and Event Pokemon
7.)Pal Park
8.)Pokémon Contests
9.)The Battle Tower
11.)Acknowledgements and legal information


1.)Gym Leaders Guide

~Gym Leader#1--Roark

Roark's Pokemon

-Geodude, lv. 12
-Onix, lv. 12
-Cranidos, lv. 14

+prize- TM 76, Stealth Rock, Coal Badge

This is an all rock-type Gym, so if you chose piplup or turtwig, it should be easy, but if
you selected chimchar, you will be in for more of a challenge. Try to catch a grass-type
pokemon before entering this gym to help back up your starter.

Suggestions: A grass type along with your starter should be enough for this gym. Your
starter's level should be somewhere around 13.


~Gym Leader #2--Gardenia

Gardenia's Pokemon

-Cherubi, lv. 19
-Turtwig, lv. 19
-Roserade, lv. 22

+prize- TM 86, Grass Knot, Forest Badge

This gym is a polar opposite to the first one. If you selected chimchar, it should be a
breeze, but if you have either turtwig or piplup, it will prove to be more of a challenge.
Catching and training a strong flying pokemon will make the gym battle a lot easier, and
since starly are everywhere, a flying pokemon shouldnt be too hard to find.

Suggestions: Fire types and flying types will do wonders here, your starter's level should
be somewhere around 20 for this battle.


~Gym Leader #3--Maylene

Maylene's Pokemon

-Meditite, lv. 27
-Machoke, lv. 27
-Lucario, lv. 30

+prize- TM 60, Drain Punch, Cobble Badge

This gym type has no advantages or disadvantages for any starter. I suggest simply leveling
up your starter to around level 32 before challenging this gym.

Suggestions: A decent psychic pokemon along with your starter should be enough to take
out this gym leader. Your starter's level should be somewhere around 28 for
this battle.


~Gym Leader #4--"Crasher" Wake

Wake's Pokemon

-Gyarados, lv. 27
-Quagsire, lv. 27
-Floatzel, lv. 30

+prize- TM 55 Brine, Fen Badge

Turtwig is obviously the best starter for this gym, because of the type advantage. However,
even if you have an unfavorable matchup (chimchar) this gym should still be fairly easy, as
the levels of Wake's pokemon are exactly the same as Maylene's, the third Gym Leader.

Suggestions: a strong electric type, and a grass type will be great for this battle. Your
starter's level should be somewhere around 32 for this battle.


~Gym Leader #5--Fantina

Fantina's Pokemon

-Drifblim, lv. 32
-Gengar, lv. 34
-Mismagus, lv. 36

+prize- TM 65, Relic Badge

her team has obvious weaknesses to both psychic types and electric types, and along with
all the training you will have accumulated to this point will make this and easy battle.

Suggestions: once again, a strong electric type will do wonders. That paired with a psychic
type will give you an easy victory, and bring you one step closer to the
Elite Four. Your starter's level should be around 35 for this battle.


~Gym Leader #6--Byron

Byron's Pokemon

-Bronzor, lv. 36
-Steelix, lv. 36
-Bastodion, lv 39

+prize- TM 91, Mine Badge

his team is composed of both steel and rock pokemon. A fire pokemon would be put at risk
because of the rock part, but would carve him up at the same time due to the the steel part.
speed isn’t really necessary in this battle, as all of him pokemon are slow. Make sure to
be powerful enough to knock his steel-types in one hit if you use fife pokemon in this battle.

Suggestions: Bring a water type and a fire type to this battle, switch between the two to
make sure you have an advantage at all times. Personally, I would bring two
strong water types, they make the battle much easier, as all of his pokemon
have disadvantages against water. Your starter's level should be somewhere
around 38 for this battle.


~Gym Leader #7--Candice

Candice's Pokemon

-Snover, lv. 38
-Sneasel, lv. 38
-Medicham, lv. 40
-Abomasnow, lv. 42

+prize- TM 72, Icicle Badge

both snover and abomasnow have huge type disadvantages against fire types. Medicham and
sneasel both have very low defenses, so taking them out should be an easy task.

Suggestions: Make sure to have a good fire or steel pokemon for this battle. Also, bring
pokemon with high attack stats for this battle. Your Starter's level should
be somewhere around 41 for this battle.


~Gym Leader #8--Volkner

Volkner's Pokemon

-Raichu, lv. 46
-Ambipom, lv. 47
-Octillery, lv. 47
-Luxray, lv. 49

+prize- TM 57, Beacon Badge

He has a good mix of pokemon, type-wise, but other than octillery, his defense is incredibly
weak. Pound away at his team with a good ground type. Be sure to bring plenty of paralyz
heals, volkner likes to use thunder wave, and it can be really annoying without a way to
cure it.

Suggestions: Ground and fighting types are best used in this battle. Be sure to stock up
on healing items, as this can be a tough battle if you come in unprepared.
Your starter should be around level 45 for this battle.

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Re: Pokemon Diamond General Guide

Post by Latios on Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:43 am


2.)The Elite Four Guide

***Before your challenge checklist***

-Are all my pokemon at full health?
-Do I have plenty of recovery items?
-Are all your pokemon at lv. 52+ ?
-Is my team balanced? (you team doesn’t have a specific disadvantage towards any one type)


~Elite Four #1--Aaron

Aaron's pokemon

-Dustox, lv. 53
-Beautifly, lv. 53
-Heracross, lv. 54
-Vespiquen, lv. 54
-Drapion, lv. 57

+prize- access to the next E4

The first E4 is basically a really strong bug maniac. All his pokemon are of the bug type
except his strongest, drapion.

Suggestions: Flying, fire and rock types all work wonders here. Make sure to heal up your
team before you challenge the next E4.


~Elite Four #2--Bertha

Bertha's pokemon

-Quagsire, lv. 55
-Whiscash, lv. 55
-Sudowoodo, lv. 56
-Golem, lv. 56
-Hippowdon, lv. 59

+prize- access to the next E4

Bertha is a ground specialist. Her battle style is to take some hits and wipe you out with
her excellent defense. To overcome her strategy, hit her with special attacks.

Suggestions: Grass type, use it. A decent grass attack will OHKO (one-hit knock out) three
of her pokemon off the bat. Grass knot is a good attack for this battle, as
most of her pokemon are heavy. If you don’t have a grass type or grass knot,
then go with water, which is super-effective against all her pokemon as well/


~Elite Four #3--Flint

Flint's Pokemon

-Lopunny, lv. 57
-Steelix, lv. 57
-Drifblim, lv. 58
-Rapidash, lv. 58
-Infernape, lv. 61

+prize- access to the next E4

Flint says he's a fire user, but only two of his pokemon have a lick of fire type in them,
Rapidash and Infernape. He tries to trick you into thinking his other pokemon aren't
capable of fire attacks, don't be fooled.

Suggestions: If you have a water type in your party, here's a great opportunity for you to
get some OHKOs. Water trumps steelix, rapidash and infernape. Some other good
type choices to use would be rock (against infernape, drifblim and rapidash)
and psychic (against drifblim and infernape)


~Elite Four #4--Lucian

Lucian's Pokemon

-Mr. Mime, lv. 59
-Girafarig, lv. 59
-Medicham, lv. 60
-Alakazam, lv. 60
-Bronzong, lv. 63

+prize- access to the champion

unlike the previous 3 E4, Lucian sticks completely to the psychic type. This actually
makes the battle much easier, that is, if you have a ghost or dark type pokemon to
capitalize on the type disadvantage.

Suggestions: Ghost and Dark types make this battle the easiest of the 4. Use a strong
attack-based pokemon and moves like crunch and shadow claw, this will take
out most of Lucian's pokemon in one hit.


~League Champion--Cynthia

Cynthia's Pokemon

-Roserade, lv. 60
-Gastrodon, lv. 60
-Spiritomb, lv. 61
-Milotic, lv.63
-Lucario, lv. 63
-Garchomp, lv. 66

+prize- induction into the hall of fame

Cynthia's team is by far the most balanced team the Elite Four has to offer. She uses
a balanced attack plan, starting with the annoyance tactic of her Roserade, and ending
with her sweeper, Garchomp.

Suggestions: Cynthia is the top trainer in the game, but that doesn’t mean that she is
unbeatable. Her team does have some small weaknesses, use ice moves to
super-effective her Roserade and Garchomp, and grass type moves to knock
out Milotic and Gastrodon. Make sure to heal your pokemon throughout the
battle, because this one can get to be a war of attrition.

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Re: Pokemon Diamond General Guide

Post by Latios on Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:44 am


3.)After the Elite Four

This section of the faq includes of all the extras only accessible after beating the game
From obtaining the national pokedex, to importing Pokémon through pal park,to battling
other people on Wi-Fi, this part walks you through it all. However, you must defeat all
eight Gym Leaders and the Elite Four before any of these events become accessible.

4.)The National Pokedex

~When you defeat the elite four, the number of Pokémon you will need to have seen is 149.
If you have not, make sure you did not skip any trainers. A common mistake is that people
tend to skip the honey trees. Make sure you have seen munchlax, burmy, and wormadam, as
they are commonly overlooked Pokémon.

~Well, once you have seen, not obtained 149 of the
Sinnoh Pokémon, make your way over to Celestic town. Then, visit the old woman in the
large house near the middle-top of the town. There, she will show you a picture of Dialga
or Palkia, thereby completing your Sinnoh dex.

~Upon seeing all 150 Sinnoh Pokémon, travel back to professor Rowan's laboratory back in
Sandgem town. He will update your pokedex to the national version.

***Some benefits of the national dex***

~The pal park, located at the end of route 221 is now open. The pal park (according to
Rowan) is a "special system which attracts every imaginable kind of Pokémon from every
region." In reality, it is a new feature to Pokémon games which allows you to transfer
Pokémon from Firered, Leafgreen, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald to Diamond and Pearl. The
catch is that you can only transfer 6 Pokémon at a time, which can become quite tedious.
Also, you must "catch" the Pokémon you select to transfer, but the pokeballs they give
you have the same effect as master balls, so in the end, it's not all that bad.

~Some special events have now opened. The spring path and Turnback cave which hold
Giritina, a ghost-dragon legendary, have now been opened. The cresslia, rotom, regigigas,
and heatran events have all opened now as well. These events are covered in sections 4
and 5 in this guide.

~The Poke Radar application is now available for use. Rowan gives you the item
as a gift upon completion of the Sinnoh dex. The Poke radar is also a new addition to
diamond/pearl, it allows you to locate wild Pokémon hidden in tall grass by identifying
them with a small shimmer of light. You need to run to charge the app though, so you
cannot use your bicycle to navigate through the grass for long if you want to use the
Poke Radar.


5.)The Poketch

~The Poketch (which is short for Pokémon Watch) is the new type of multi-navigation
designed for Pokémon Diamond/Pearl. Like the navigators in past Pokémon games, the
poketch includes not only a map of the game's terrain, but also many other helpful
features. In an attempt to utilize the touch-screen capabilities of the Nintendo DS,
the poketch's features all use the touch screen.

***There are 25 poketch features in all***

1--The Digital Clock--comes with the original poketch
~This clock keeps the time in standard military-time, i.e. 14:20 is 2:20 in the afternoon.
The time kept on the clock depends on what you set your ds's time to.

2--The Calculator--comes with the original poketch
~A normal calculator, it adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides

3--The Step Counter--comes with the original poketch
~This useful tool tracks your step count. It is most commonly used for breeding purposes
and tracking step-based items i.e.--how much repel you have left.

4--Your Party--comes with the original poketch
~This application displays your current party, along with their hit points and whether or
not they are holding an item. If you touch the picture of one of your Pokémon, it will
display its cry.

5--Memo Pad--after obtaining the first badge, talk to the president of the poketch company
~This application works like a digital post-it note. Simply draw a picture/note you want
to remember, and check back later to see your message.

6--Happiness Checker--from the woman in Eterna Pokémon Center
~displays your party Pokémon floating around in the lower screen. Hold the stylus on your
desired Pokémon the number and size of the hearts you see above the selected Pokémon’s head

7--Itemfinder/Dowsing Machine--from your rival on route 207
~touch the screen and a circle will appear. If the circle starts pulsating, there is
an item hidden somewhere in that area

8--Breeding Checker--from the daycare in Solaceon Town
~allows you to keep track of your Pokémon at the day-care. It displays the levels of your
Pokémon, and any eggs they may have had while you were away.

9--Berry Checker--from the Berry Master on route 208
~shows you where any ready-to-pick berries you may have planted are located.

10--Pokémon History--form a Solacon Town Resident
~shows the last 12 Pokémon you have obtained. They cry when you click them.

11--Analog Clock--from a Celestic Town resident
~a standard clock, it lights up when touched

12--Counter--form Veilstone Department Store
~press the button in the middle to increase the number.

13--Marking Map--from the poketch company president after the 5th badge
~same functions as the normal map, except this one tracks the movements of wandering
Pokémon and mark certain areas.

14--Coin Toss--from a Grand Lake Hotel resident
~flips a coin when clicked. Heads is Magikarp, tails is a pokeball.

15--Wireless Searcher--from the President of the poketch company after the fifth badge
~searches for other people using Nintendo's wireless features, or the wireless searcher.

16--Type Chart--from the poketch company president after the 7th badge
~shows you different type matchups. Displays degree of damage, super effective, not
very effective, and normal effectiveness.

17--Calendar--from a Sunyshore city resident-show him a Pokémon with a serious nature
~a regular calendar, shows the day and month

18--Drawing Board--from a Sunyshore city resident-show him a Pokémon with a naive nature
~displays a picture, which gradually disappears as you touch it with the stylus

19--Roulette--from a Sunyshore city resident-show him a Pokémon with a quirky nature
~a roulette, it starts spinning and stops when you click it

20--PokeRadar Checker--from professor Oak in the Pal Park
~displays the longest streaks of Pokémon seen using the PokeRadar

21--Color Changer--from a girl in the Pal Park, show her a Kecleon
~it changes your Poketch's color, use the slide to change the background color.

22--Kitchen Timer--from a girl in the Pal Park, show her a Snorlax
~you can start, stop, and reset the time on this timer. The Snorlax hits his stomach
when time expires.

23--Matchup Checker--obtained from a Nintendo Event
~lets you examine your party's compatibility. Three hearts equal good compatibility,
2 hearts equal moderate compatibility, and 1 heart is regular compatibility.

24--Alarm Clock--obtained from a Nintendo Event
~lets you set an alarm for your desired time. The loudred yells when time runs out.

25--Stopwatch--obtained from a Nintendo Event
~counts up, like a normal stopwatch. Click the Voltorb to start and stop the timer.

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Re: Pokemon Diamond General Guide

Post by Latios on Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:45 am

6.)Legends and Event Pokémon

~This section deals with the eight Pokémon who are classified as "legends" or "event
Pokémon" which are only obtainable after you defeat the elite four and obtain the national
dex. These legends are Rotom, Cresslia, Regigigas, Heatran, and Giratina. The event
Pokémon, or "events" are darkrai, shaymin, and arceus. This guide includes all stats,
levels, abilities, moves, locations, and strategies to help you catch these rare Pokémon.

***Legendary Pokémon***

~Rotom--base stats(all base stats depend on nature, these are just based off the natures I
obtained these Pokémon with)
Special Attack-34
Special Defense-32

#How to catch---Go to the northernmost part of eterna forest, to the old chateau. Make sure
that it is during the night. Then, travel up the stairs and enter the room with the
television. The T.V. should be on, if it is, move towards it and press A. There should
be a sort of cut scene where your character says "that's odd, it's turned on, but it’s not
plugged in..." Then, then music will play, and you will encounter rotom. It's very easy
to catch, I just threw a master ball at it. However, if you're having trouble with it, try
to put it to sleep or paralyze it, that's usually enough.

~Cresslia--base stats

Special Attack-82
Special Defense-152

#How to catch---This one's a little tricky as far as catching goes. First, travel to Canaclave
town, and visit the sailor's house to the southwest of the town. The sailor's son will
be in bed, apparently trapped in a nightmare. He mumbles something about dark..something.
The sailor will ask you if you will help him find a lunar wing, the only thing that will
heal his son. Accept, and you will be taken to fullmoon island, enter the wooded area to
find cresslia. Press A and and cresslia flees, but leaves you with a lunar wing. Then,
return to the sailor's house, and give his son the wing. He will wake up, and then you can
go chase after cresslia. Cresslia is a "wandering legend." Which means that for every
new area you enter, the Pokémon flees to a new, random area. The way to trick cresslia
into choosing the same area you're located in, simply go to a city with multiple exits, like
Jubilife city. Randomly choose exits, while checking cresslia's movements on the marking
map on your poketch. Now, as soon as you see cresslia, it will flee, so be sure to use mean
look on it as soon as the battle starts. Then, proceed to paralyze and weaken cresslia.
False swipe is a good choice for this battle, as it leaves cresslia with 1 hp, and it affects
Cresslia. Be sure to stock up on healing items an ultra balls before you go off and attempt
to track down the legend.

~Regigigas--base stats

Ability-Slow Start
Special Attack-127
Special Defense-187

#How to catch---Remember the temple in snowpoint city? Well, before now, you couldn't enter
it, the guard of the temple would escort you away. Now, the guard will try to take you
away, but someone will speak on your behalf, and you will be allowed access. The next step
to the bottom floor of the temple (it's easy, only a couple sliding puzzles) and make sure
to save before you encounter regigigas. To start the battle, simply walk up to him and
press A. Now, as far as catching regigigas, you'll need to take advantage of his ability,
as it cuts his attack power and speed in half for five turns. You should lead with a
Pokémon like gengar or spiritomb, it takes away regigigas's most powerful attack, crush
grip. Next, either choose to put regigigas to sleep with a move like hypnosis or paralyze
him with something like stun spore. Then, over the next 3-4 turns, whittle away his health
with powerful fighting attacks like superpower (all the regis should know this attack, and
in order to encounter regigigas, you need them in your party. I always suggest bringing a
scyther/scizor so you can use false swipe, to get the enemy's hp as close to 0 as possible
without knocking it out. Be sure to bring lots of ultra balls, and then just begin chucking
them one after one at regigigas. Eventually, the titan will give in, and you'll capture
the king of the regis, regigigas.

~Heatran--base stats

Ability-Flash Fire
Special Attack-205
Special Defense-156

#How to catch---Ok, since you're still in snowpoint city, you might as well check out the
ferry located at the Southside of town. It takes you to a northwest island which contains
three areas, the fight area, which contains the battle tower, the survival area, which
contains stark mountain, and the resort area, which contains the ribbon society. Your
first goal here is to challenge the battle tower, as it is the only thing open to you as
of now. After you complete a 21-0 streak at the battle tower, the route to the north, the
survival area will become open to you. Travel to the north, and examine the house to the
left of the Pokémon center. There you will talk to an old man and some kid by the name of
"buck" who is dead set on finding the treasure of stark mountain. Travel to the east, towards
the mountain, and using the ramps, make your way to the mountain's entrance. Along the
way, agree to team up with buck and explore the cave that is stark mountain. At the end
of the cave, you will find the treasure, the magma stone, which buck will obtain. Then, exit the
mountain, and make your way back to the old man's house. He will talk of heatran, then make
your way back to the final room of the stark mountain cave. You can now use rock smash, so
traversing the cave will prove to be much easier. Finally, you make it to the final room,
and you will see, instead of the magma rock, a Pokémon. Heatran will battle you as soon as you
approach it and press A. Heatran is actually a gender-based Pokémon, which usually means
one thing, you can use it in the battle tower! Which in this case, is true. Heatran is
a steel-fire Pokémon, so be sure to have a ground-based attack before you battle him. False
swipe will not do much here, as you are dealing with a steel Pokémon, so make sure to paralyze
him quick, then hit him with that heavy ground attack, preferably earthquake, or earth power.
next, like all legendaries, be sure to come into the battle with tons of ultra balls and
timer balls. Make sure to save before battling, and eventually, the fourth special legend,
Heatran, will be yours.

~Giratina--base stats

Special Attack-153
Special Defense-181

#How to Catch---Remember route 214? If not, it’s the trail located to the south of Veilstone
city. As you travel southward down the trail, look to the east. You should see a small
opening in the trees, enter it, the screen will display "Spring Path" in the upper left
corner. At the end of the path, you should see an entrance in the trees. Enter it. The
screen will then display the words "Sendoff Spring" in the upper left corner. travel through
the small patch of tall grass, and find the side of the hill to the north that you can use
rock climb on. Climb to the top to find a crater-esque pond and a cave. Travel to the far
side of the crater-pond and travel and use rock climb again to descend from the top of the
hill, and enter the cave, it is called the "Turnback Cave" and it is the home to Giritina.
It is called Turnback cave appropriately because if you turn back even once, you will be
transported to the first room of the cave, this makes exiting a snap. The cave is covered
in a dense fog, so use defog if you have it to make it easier to see. The cave consists of
15 randomly assorted rooms, so traveling the cave can be a mess, but you'll only be at it
for 15 rooms at max. At the end resides Giritina, a powerful ghost-dragon type Pokémon.
Whittling down this Pokémon’s health can get to be a pain because he just has so much HP.
However, if you want to conquer this beast, make sure to bring lots of healing items, and
a Pokémon that knows a dragon-based move, and one that knows some sort of paralysis-based
attack, like Thunder Wave or Stun Spore. Like you would any other legend, be sure to lead
with the dragon-attack Pokémon, an follow with a good annoyer that can paralyze Giritina.
Next, put out some sort of defensive wall, like Bastodion, or Blissey. Then, let the chucking
begin! Be sure to bring loads of ultra balls and timer balls. For some reason, both times
I caught Giraitina in Diamond and Pearl, I only had to use one ultra ball, but I know people
who have gone over 50 turns with the beast, so be sure to prepare for a long battle, and if
you get lucky and catch him on your first try, then kudos.

***Event Pokémon***

~Currently, these Pokémon are only obtainable through special Nintendo events, or through
hacking, through hacking or the events, you will obtain the three special items needed in
order to activate the events that trigger these Pokémon’s appearances.

Event #1---The Darkrai Event

~Darkrai---base stats

Ability-Bad Dreams
Special Attack-120
Special Defense-81

#How to Catch---After obtaining the Member Card, make your way to Canaclave town. Remember
the odd, abandoned house at the northeastern corner of Canaclave, before now, when you would
try to enter, the game would prevent you, saying something along the lines of "that’s odd,
the door has been locked shut." ***BEFORE OPENING THE DOOR, BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR TEAM READY***
Now that you have the Member Card, the door will open without a problem. AN odd man will
immediately direct you to the bed and hypnotize you to sleep. When you wake up, you will be
at an odd place, called New Moon Island. Now, get your party ready to fight Darkrai. He
lurks in the forest right in front of you. Before you enter, however, you need to know
Darkrai's strategy. His first attack is called "dark void" it is a sleep-inducing attack
with an 80% hit rate. If he hits you, (and most likely, he will) he then proceeds to beat
on you all while simultaneously sapping your health because of his ability, Bad Dreams.
In order to be successful against Darkrai, lead with a Pokémon with the ability insomnia, or
a lum/chesto berry. Next, hit him with a strong fighting attack, like you did with regigigas.
This battle can become quite a chore if you come in unprepared, so make sure to stock up
on all the essentials. Darkrai is only at level 40, but if you are unfamiliar to his strategy,
you could very well lose your entire team to the king of nightmares.

Event #2---The Shaymin Event

~Shaymin---base stats

Ability-Natural Cure
Special Attack-80
Special Defense-65

#How to Catch---After obtaining Oak's letter, go to the large silver rock located at the end
of route 224. As soon as you make it there, professor Oak will appear! (a shocker I know)
He has a short chat congratulating you on your accomplishments, then, he asks you who on
your journey has helped you the most, who you would like to dedicate your accomplishments
to. Upon entering the name, a few rumbles will occur, and the seabreak path, the longest
uninterrupted straight path in the game (great for hatching eggs) will appear before your
eyes. This is, like previously stated, just a long straight path, no wild Pokémon encounters,
no twists or turns, simply follow the path straight to the flower paradise, and shaymin.
Shaymin is easy to catch, bring some 40-ish Pokémon with you if you want to make the battle
even easier, just hit it once or twice, and chuck an ultra ball at it. An easy catch, as
it's only a level 30, but if trained properly, shaymin can become a valuable asset.

Final Event---The Arceus Event

~Arceus---base stats

HP- ???
Attack- ???
Defense- ???
Special Attack- ???
Special Defense- ???
Speed- ???

#How to Catch---After obtaining the Azure Flute, travel back to the Spear Pillar, the site
of your battle with Dialga/Palkia. As soon as you reach the site of your earlier battle,
choose to play the Azure Flute. A melancholy, yet intriguing sound will echo throughout
the room. Then, a staircase will appear. Be sure to ready your team NOW. You are going
up against the god of Pokémon, Arceus. He is a genderless, normal-type Pokémon with
incredible stats all-around, and he is the highest level wild encounter in the series.
The only good news is that he currently is without his signature move. You will need to
hit him fast and hard, as he is prone to killing himself with perish song. Hit him with
the same strategy that netted you Regigigas, use superpower early and often, if you have
Giritina and Heal Block, use it every 5 turns so Arceus won't have a chance to recover.
If there was ever a battle to use to Master Ball in, this is the one, Arceus is a beast.
However, if you want to capture him the hard way, like I did, then stock up on timer balls,
and sodas, you're in for a long battle. (that last part about the sodas was a joke)
It's a war of attrition with Arceus, if you attempt to battle him with any Pokémon under
the level of 70, you will probably get smoked. However, if you prepare correctly, use the
heal block/superpower combo, and hit with a false swipe/thunder wave combo, you should make
things easier on yourself. When the pokeball finally does click, congratulations, you have
just caught to god of Pokémon, Arceus.

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Re: Pokemon Diamond General Guide

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7.)Pal Park

~One of the big perks of completing the game is the opening of the Pal Park, a place which
allows you to transfer your hard-raised Pokémon from the Gameboy Advance games to Diamond
and Pearl. The Pal Park is located at the far east end of route 221. In order to
activate the Pal Park feature, you just need to enter the Park, which upon entering conveniently
becomes a fly point.

How to Use---After activating the Pal Park feature, save your game, and turn it off. Next,
insert the GBA game you want to transfer Pokémon from into the DS's GBA slot. After selecting
Pokémon Diamond/Pearl from the DS's title screen, you will see a new option called "migrate
Pokémon" at your game's title screen. Then, you are able to select Pokémon in your GBA game's
boxes to migrate to Diamond/Pearl. There are a few conditions, however, the Pokémon cannot
have learned HM moves (sorry no surfing Pikachu’s in pal park Sad ) and, you can only transfer
six Pokémon at a time.

~Next, turn back on your game and enter the Pal Park. You will be issued six Park Balls,
told to catch the Pokémon as fast as you can. Once you're in the park, run around in the
grass to catch land and air based Pokémon. Surf in the lake/ocean to catch any water based
Pokémon you may have migrated. Once you encounter one of your Pokémon, just throw the Park
Ball at your Pokémon to re-catch your Pokémon. As soon as you catch all six, you will be
transported back to the lobby of Pal Park, the teller will ask you if you want to store your
Pokémon in boxes, say yes, and the migration will be complete, now repeat this process until
you have all the Pokémon from your previous games that you want.

8.)Pokémon Contests

~Called "Super" contests in diamond/pearl, some new features have been added, and the judging
boils down to three distinct categories, visual, dance, and performance. Hearthome city
is the location of all contests in d/p, and the city revolves around contests.

*Visual Judgment*

~This section of the contest is mostly like the preliminary section in the ruby/sapphire/
emerald versions. However, there is one new twist. Instead of simply factoring in your
pokeblock stats like in ruby/sapphire/emerald, now a 30-second dress-up periods has been
added. All items you can dress your Pokémon up with either raise or lower the judgment
points you will receive.

*Dancing Judgment*

~Another new feature added in Pokémon contests, this is a Dance Dance Revolution-esque
feature (though not nearly as good of course) where you utilize the touch screen to copy
the lead Pokémon’s moves, as well as to plan your own dance steps, and to try to throw the
other competitors off

*Move Judgment*

~Just like the previous games, this round is about using your moves in order to win the
good favors of the judges. Move combos still work, and the only real difference
is that now there are three judges instead of one. That and you can choose to appeal to
certain judges which ultimately can have either a positive or a negative affect your score.
The judges opinions of your Pokémon (called voltage) effectively replaces the crowd factor
in the earlier GBA Pokémon games. Now you only need three "voltage" points on one ref to
earn a bonus on your score, instead of five. However, now that there are three judges, and
still only five turns, it can be harder now to earn that voltage bonus.


9.)The Battle Tower

~This feature, added in the Pokémon ruby/sapphire games, allows you to use your Pokémon in
competitive, non level-based 3 on 3 Pokémon battles with the toughest AI in the game. The
Battle Tower is a good proving ground for trainers looking to battle competitively on Wi-Fi.
It gives good examples of how certain moves can be combined together, and helps you learn
how to use your team to its utmost potential.

***Battle Tower Rules***

-All battles are 3 on 3
-All battles are Lv. 50
-All challenges consist of 7 trainers, then a break period which allows you to save your
game or switch your team, etc.
-The following 18 Pokémon are restricted from the Battle Tower

~Battle Modes

There are four different ways to battle using the Battle Tower, single battles, Wi-Fi battles,
and two types of double battles, with a friend via Nintendo wireless connection, and double
battles using one of the many characters you may or may not have helped along your journey.

-Single Battles--these are standard 3 vs. 3 single lv. 50 Pokémon battles against the AI.
As you progress throughout the single battles, the AI will get progressively better. The
special thing about the single battle mode, however, is that after a 21-win streak, you get
to battle the tower tycoon, the most powerful trainer in the game. If you manage another
4 consecutive 7-win streaks (that's 49 total straight) then you will have the privilege
of battling the tycoon again with him using his most powerful team.

-Wi-Fi Battles--these battles consist of actual Pokémon teams which have been used on this
portion of the battle tower. However, the "people" controlling the teams are not the actual
trainers who raised the teams. The teams are controlled by AI, and the battle system is
set up using the same 7-win streak periods as use in the single battles. The "streaks"
are divided into levels in this system, and the object is to obtain the highest rank you
can without losing. Simply put, if you lose, you move down a level, and if you complete
the 7-win streak, you move up a level.

-Wireless Double Battles--These follow the same rules as previously mentioned, however in
this mode, you control one Pokémon, and your friend that your are linking with will control
the other Pokémon in these 2 on 2 battles.

-Non-Wireless Double Battles--There also follow the same rules as previously mentioned, and
like Wireless Double Battles, you only have control over one set of Pokémon, while in this
case, the AI takes control of the other set. Before you begin your challenge in this mode,
you have the chance to select your battling partner from a room full of strangers that you
were supposed to help during your adventure, if you see only one or two people in the lobby
that you are lead into, then you know that there are still some people out there in Sinnoh
that need your help in order to complete their quests. The following characters should
appear in the lobby, and here is also a list of the Pokémon in their possession.

-Cheryl(Eterna Forest)--Latias, Latios, Gastrodon, Porygon-Z, Cresslia, Blissey, Milotic,
Umbreon, Porygon-2, Snorlax and Espeon

-Mira(Wayward Cave)--Espeon, Gardevoir, Gengar, Alakazam, Latios, Zapdos, Roserade, Magnezone,
Magmortar, Togekiss, Glaceon, Porygon-Z

-Riley(Iron Mountain)--Rhydon, Gyarados, Poliwrath, Machamp, Ursaring, Blaziken, Slaking,
Breloom, Hariyama, Tyranitar, Metagross, Medicham, Absol, Rampardos, Salamence, Rhyperior,
Mamoswine, Toxicroak, Lucario, and Regigigas.

-Marley(Victory Road)--Electrode, Dugtrio, Crobat, Aerodactyl, Starmie, Ninjask, Swellow,
Sceptile, and Weavile

-Buck(Stark Mountain)--Steelix, Skarmory, Shuckle, Umbreon, Forretress, Registeel, Regirock,
Regice, Rhyperior, Bastiodon, Dusknoir, Probopass, and Cresslia



~The newest, and most important addition in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl is that of online play
via Wi-Fi. In order to battle with your friends online, first you'll have to meet a few

1.)First off, you need a wireless network connection. This means either purchasing a
computer that is wireless-compatible and using a public Wi-Fi hotspot to gain access,
or it means that you need to buy a wireless router, and set up your own access point.

2.)Secondly, you need connectivity to your DS. It is a simple process that is accessible
at Pkmn d/p's title screen. (the Nintendo WFC Settings) From there, either connect
directly to your router by searching for an access point, or by manually entering your
router's information. The other option would be to purchase a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB
Connector and granting your DS access to your connector by granting permission on your pc.

3.)From there, you just need to get the "Pal Pad" from the Nintendo wireless attendant
in the downstairs of any Pokémon center. Then, exchange friend codes with your friends
and get to battling online.

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Re: Pokemon Diamond General Guide

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