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PoW, General Rules.

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PoW, General Rules.

Post by Ghost42 on Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:37 am

I will make each PoW (Pokemon of the Week) thread (to make PoW look as neat as possible).

If you wish to suggest a PoW, post a suggestion here (I'll give you credit in the first post).

Each PoW thread will be created approx two to four weeks before the Pokemon is released as PoW, in that time each member of TPC (The Pokemon Center) will be able to post their oppinion(s) and/ or strategy(s) for the said pokemon.

When the PoW is released the thread will be locked and moved to a public board (which will be made in the future, if I can convince an admin to do so <_<) along with any input we have made (you'll still be able to edit your post if you want to add more after release).

If you have any other suggestions please post it here.

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