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Key Competitive Battling Terms.

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Key Competitive Battling Terms.

Post by Fan1 on Tue Apr 15, 2008 11:07 am

This is a topic to help inexperienced battlers, it includes terms that are often used in competitive play. This is also essential if one is to make a balanced team, it will help what to include in a team and how to counter certain Pokemons.

Physical Sweeper:
A Pokemon designed to use mostly physical attacks to wipe out the opponent as
quickly as possible. Usually has high speed, and must have high attack. E.g Garchomp.

Special Sweeper:
Similar to a physical sweeper, only a special sweeper uses strong Special
attacks, obviously, and has a high special attack stat and speed. E.g Alakazam.

Mixed Sweeper:
A sweeper that uses attacks from both physical and special types. Has decent stats
on attack, special attack and speed. A certain item will often be used to support the
stats. E.g Salamence and Infernape.

A Pokemon with Spikes. Tries to encourage or force switches so the
opponent takes a lot of damage. 3 layers of Spikes is the max and most
effective amount, also removes focus sash from play. E.g Roserade and Skarmory.

STAB: Same Type Attack Boost.

A term for luck in Pokemon. E.g critical hits, burn and freezes.

A pokemon with high defence, used to counter physical sweepers. Often has a recovery
move, a stat boosting move and an attack. E.g Regirock.

Special Wall:
A pokemon with high special defence, used to counter special sweepers. Often has a recovery
move, a stat boosting move and an attack. E.g Snorlax.

Mix Walls:
A combination of both physical defence and special defence intact to counter both
physical and special sweepers. They will have a recovery move, a stat boosting move
and an attack. E.g Umbreon.

A tank is a pokemon that can both take a few hits and hit hard, tanks usually
have low speed, moderate to high defences and a high attack or special attack.
e.g Metagross, Gyarados and Togekiss
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