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Posting Guide.

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Posting Guide.

Post by Ghost42 on Sat Mar 29, 2008 10:43 pm

Posting FAQ: A few tips on how to post.

How to post:

First you'll need to click on a button that looks like this:

The above button can be found at the top of the topic, just above the first
message and will re-direct you to a page with a section that looks like this:

Please not, the forum/ Chat-box rules will not be posted here as they can be
found in the rules thread located here:

1: Think about what you post. Will your post be funny, informative, helpful
or add anything to the topic? if not, then don't post.

2: D0n'7 1337 5p34k (Don't leet speak).

3: Spelling/ grammar can be the difference between people looking at you
like you know what you are talking about, and a complete nub.

4: If you have Fire~Fox, click here and install (dictionary add-on).

5: For long posts, try to break up what you say, paragraphs or numbering
will prevent a wall of text, no one likes to read a wall of text.

6: If you post an image over 700 pixels high or wide, link to it to prevent
page stretching.


Q: Why can't I post in a topic?

A: The most likely reason is the topic would have been locked in the past
by a Moderator or Administrator.

Q: There is a topic I can see on the title page, however when I try to go to
the topic the site says I don't have permission.

A: The topic you are trying to get to is a special hidden forum for certain
members, if you wish get information about one of these groups please click

Q: What is a Moderator/ Administrator?

A1: Moderators are like the forum police, they will help people with
questions and keep the bad people away.

A1.5: There are also Chat Moderators whom can moderate on the chat-box,
they are the same as normal moderators but can't mod the forum.

A2: Administrators are the highest level of authority on a forum, they are the
ones whom pick moderators, what gets put in to the forum and are the
ones who change the forum.

Q: Can I be a Moderator?

A: You can if you post well (intelligently), follow the rules and if you are
active enough. At the moment we have over 500 members with 3 moderators, it
is possible, but don't be surprised if you don't become one.

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