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Egg Moves.

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Egg Moves.

Post by Fan1 on Tue Mar 04, 2008 2:38 pm

What are egg moves?

An 'egg move' is a technique that can only be obtained through
breeding. To get these moves, you put two Pokemon in the day-care
center - with the female one being the Pokemon you want to have receive
the move, and the male one being the Pokemon who knows the egg move you
want your Pokemon to receive. NOTE: They must be in the same egg group for this to work.

An example could be Garchomp to have the move outrage, so i would i get a female garchomp so the the eggs that will hatch will be gibles. And i will put a male pokemon that has outrage for example dragonite. Now when i get the eggs they will hatch into gibles with the move outrage.

If you can't find a Pokemon that learns the egg move desired that can
breed with your Pokemon, then you will have to make what is called an
'egg move chain'. An egg move chain involves more than just one other
pokemon to get an egg move to the desired recipient. For example,
you want to breed Ice Punch onto Sneasel; You find that nothing that
can breed directly with Sneasel can learn Ice Punch. You have to find
another pokemon that can learn Ice Punch as an egg move that can also
breed with Sneasel, as well as other pokemon that Sneasel cannot
breed with. Eventually, you find Buneary fills that role; and you
discover that it can breed with Hitmonchan and Medicham who learn
Ice Punch. You then breed Ice Punch from Hitmonchan/Medicham to
Buneary, and then breed from Buneary to Sneasel.

Egg Groups

Human shape:
Water 1:
Water 2:
Water 3:
Pokemon that cannot breed:

If you have any question's just reply to this topic or you can private message me. This is a open topic so anyone can reply back to your question's.

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