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Nature Guide.

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Nature Guide.

Post by Fan1 on Thu Feb 28, 2008 3:39 pm

What is a pokemon's nature?

You maybe wondering why it says something like "modest" or "adamant" nature on a pokemon's summary. Well these natures help a pokemon get a 10% increase on one of their 6 stats. There are different natures for different stats. If they give a 10% increase on one stat then they will decrease another stat by 10%, so because of this you have to be careful on how you raise a pokemon. There are also neutral natures which doesnt raise anything or lowers anything. To make good use of its nature you will need to ev train that pokemon which suits the nature and lowers the other stat which is not needed at all. For example your going to do a Garchomp with just physical attacks and no special attacks so you will get it at a nature on attack that also lowers on special attack because special attack is not needed at all. By giving it full ev points on that stat where the nature supports it, will go towards making that stat at its maximum.

Here are the list of natures and what they increase and lower:

Adamant: + Attack -- Sp. Attack
Lonely : + Attack -- Defense
Brave: + Attack -- Speed
Naughty: + Attack -- Sp.Def

Modest: + Sp.Atk -- Attack
Mild: + Sp. Atk -- Defense
Quiet: + Sp. Atk -- Speed
Rash: + Sp. Atk -- Sp.Def

Bold: + Defense -- Attack
Relaxed: + Defense -- Speed
Impish: + Defense -- Sp. Attk
Lax: + Defense -- Sp. Def

Timid: + Speed -- Attack
Hasty: + Speed -- Defense
Jolly : + Speed -- Sp. Attk
Naive: + Speed -- Sp. Def

Calm: + Sp. Def -- Attack
Gentle: + Sp Def -- Defense
Sassy: + Sp. Def -- Speed
Careful: + Sp.Def -- Sp. Attk

Serious --- Neutral
Quirky --- Neutral
Bashful ---- Neutral
Hardy --- Neutral

How to get the right nature

Instead of catching pokemon constantly to get the right nature which can take ages, there is a quicker way this is by breeding. If you go to the daycare centre in solacion town you could put two pokemon in to breed where then you can get eggs. The pokemon that you want to get with that nature has to be a female and that has to be with a ditto, the nature you want needs to be the same as the ditto. If you make the Ditto also hold a everstone this gives a 50% chance of the hataching pokemon to have the same nature as the ditto. For example you want a adamant Garchomp so you will put a female Garchomp with a adamant ditto holding an everstone so now the gibles that will hatch from the eggs will have a 50% chance of being an adamant nature.

How to increase the speed of hatching an egg

To hatch an egg you will need to be moving around, each pokemon has a different number of steps to hatch. To increase the speed of hatching en egg you will need to have a pokemon in your party with the flame body or magma armour ability e.g magmortar and macargo, they will decrease the number of steps for a pokemon to hatch.

If you have any question's just reply to this topic or you can private message me. This is a open topic so anyone can reply back to your question's.
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