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Effort Value Guide.

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Effort Value Guide.

Post by Fan1 on Wed Feb 27, 2008 4:01 pm

What is Ev's?

You maybe wondering why sometimes you had a battle with the same pokemon that you were using but you cause less damage to your opponent with the same attack, for example you both use salamence and you both use dragon claw, you do half the damage to your opponent but when he attack's you there is more damage done than what you have done. This is simpy because of Ev training. Ev means effort value, these effortvalues help a pokemon to gain its full potential stat if done the right way. A pokemon can get a maximum of 510 Ev points but only a total of 252 can go on one of the six stats which are Hp, attack, defense, special attack, special defence and speed. There is no point in ev'ing a pokemon on a stat which is not needed for example you ev a pokemon on attack but it only has special attacks.

How to get Ev points you ask?

The main way to get Ev points is by battling a specific pokemon and winning to obtain the Ev points. The minimum Ev points you can get from a pokemon is 1 and the maximum is 3. So if you battle a pokemon that gives 1 ev point then you will need to battle and win against 252 of those pokemon. You maybe thinking that will take ages but no there is a quicker way. You may have heard of drugs such as Iron, zinc, hp up etc. It says they increase stats but actually they dont, they give ev points which goes towards stats so one of those vitamins will give 10 ev points each and the mximum you could give is 100 ev points from those vitamins to one stat and then you have to carry on ev'ing on that stat if you want to max its stat on ev points. There are different vitamins for each stat. So now if you give 100 ev points through vitamins then you will need to battle 152 pokemons for that stat, but there is still a much quicker way.

Hp up-hp
Calcuim-sp attack
Zinc-sp defence

You can get these vitamins from veilstone city in the pokemon department store, they cost a lot but its worth it.

So you have done that now and now you want to carry on ev'ing, so now you will need to battle to get the rest. The first thing is the power items, these power items give 4 extra ev points when is held by the pokemon that you are ev'ing.

Power Weight -HP
Power Bracer -Attack
Power Belt -Defense
Power Lens -SP Attack
Power Band -SP Defense
Power Anklet -Speed
Macho Brace- Doubles ev points for any stat depending on the pokemon you are battling.

So now that you are battling a pokemon that gives 1 ev point and you use the power item which will give a extra 4 to make it 5. You can get these power items from the battle tower for 16BP.

You still can get more ev points by battling one pokemon and this is how, by getting the pokerus. Pokerus means poke virus but doesnt do anything bad instead it does good. When ev'ing and having this pokerus you will double the amount of ev points. So by battling a pokemon that gives 1 ev point plus 4 from the power item and double it with pokerus will give you a total of 10 ev points per pokemon that you battle. So from 100 ev points from vitamins plus 10 from battling you will only need to beat 16 pokemon to get the maximum of 252 ev points for that stat.

The pokerus is very rare to get and the only way to get this is by battling pokemons and this will appear randomly. You will know when a pokemon has a pokerus is when you go to the summary it will say PKRS next to the image of the pokemon. Once you get this there is a way to spread it to other pokemons that you have. This can be done by getting a pokemon that has PKRS first in the party and then you battle about 10 times with any pokemon and it should spread to another pokemon on your party. If the pokemon has PKRS and it stays in your party until mid night in the game and the PKRS will go away forever and it will never be able to get it back. So if you want to keep its PKRS still then deposit it in the PC before mid night.

Specific pokemon give different ev points and these are the pokemon that gives what, the first evolution pokemon gives 1 ev point. Second evolution gives 2 ev points and the thrid evolution gives 3 ev points. Legends and ubers also give 3 ev points. Pokemon that does not evolve at all give just 1 ev point.

Recommended pokemon for ev'ing

Pokemon in the wild:

Hp: Bidoof @route 201
Attack:Shinx @route 202, Machop @route 208
Defence:Geodude @Oreburgh Mine
Special attack: Gastly @The old Chateau in Eterna Forest
Special defence:Tentacool @Pastoria city using surf
Speed: Magikarp using old rod

Using VS seeker:

Hp: 5 Bidoofs, cowgirl Shelly @209 standing at the top of the mud slide
Attack:3 Gyrados, swimmer Sheltin @route213
Defence:3 Geodude's, Ninja boy Fabian @210
Special attack: 2 Prinplup's, PKMN Ranger Jeffrey @212
Special defence:3 Dustox's, Ninja boy Davido @210
Speed:6 Magikarp's, Fisherman Andrew @Route 205, on the bridge, the second fisherman from the right

Also here are some vids that you can use to help you


Sp. Attack:




Sp/ Defense:

Well from this you should be able to see what is Ev'ing, why you do it and how.
If you have any question's just reply to this topic or you can private message me. This is a open topic so anyone can reply back to your question's.
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