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Post by Latios on Tue Jan 29, 2008 10:47 am

Like most sites, we have clauses for the tournaments we run. Here some of the ones we may use in our tournaments.

Evasion clause
You and your opponent can not use evasion increasing moves like double team
and minimize. This clause also includes Accuracy reducing moves as
well, but usually are not specified.

Legit/legal clause
None of the pokemon can have illegal movesets, 999 in all stats, 255 EVs in
all stats, or have been caught in places that they normally wouldn't
have been caught at. An example of an illegal moveset would be would be
a Magnezone with Flamethrower or Salamance with Ice Beam.

OHKO clause
You and your opponent can not use moves that causes instant one-hit
knockouts. Some examples would be sheer cold, fissure, and guillotine.

Sleep clause
Only one pokemon can be to sleep (on your side of the field) at a time. The
only time your opponent can use another sleep move is when your pokemon
either wakes up or faints, then your opponent can use a sleep move
again. The move Rest does not count toward sleep clause, so if your
opponent were to put a Pokemon asleep because of Rest, you can still
use a sleep inducing move on your opponent.

Species clause
You and your opponent can not use more then one of the same pokemon. This
means that you or your opponent can not use two Infernapes or Garchomps
or two of the same pokemon in general.

Luck items Clause

You and your oppnent can not use Items that rely on luck to be activated.
Some examples are focus band, bright powder, and quick claw.

Doop Items Clause
You and your opponent can not use more than one of the same item on his/her team. THe only exception to this rule is leftovers, which you are allowed to have two of.

Ubers Clause
Pokemon on the Uber Tier list are not allowed to be used.

OU Clause
Pokemon on the OU Tier list are not allowed to be used.

BL Clause
Pokemon on the BL Tier list are not allowed to be used.

UU Clause
Pokemon on the UU Tier list are not allowed to be used.

Events Clause
Non-Hacked Arceus, Shaymin, and Darkrai are allowed using this clause

Clauses in RED are Standard WWPL Clauses

Clauses in WHITE are optional

props to hellrider000 for typing out all the clauses

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