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Shiny Hatching

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Shiny Hatching

Post by Cladstn_Vampire on Mon Nov 18, 2013 12:01 am

So there is now a new exploit to help find shiny Pokemon. In which to find someones Trainer Shiny Value or TSV and you trade that person an Egg with the a matching Pokemon Shiny Value. So since I have the TSV of 2024, I can hatch Eggs with the PSV of 2024 and they'll always be shiny. Just like if I have an egg with the PSV 43, I can trade it to a person with a TSV of 43 and it'll be shiny.

So going to make a small list if anyone is interested it, it posting TSVs and PSVs. To find the program to check the value google Instacheck Smogon. You'll find more information from there.

If anyone wants to know their TSV, I can tell you if you're unable to get the program to work.

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