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Finding Pokemon (Platinum)

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Finding Pokemon (Platinum)

Post by mjfblaze on Sun Jul 05, 2009 6:47 pm

Turtwig: Route 201 Event / Rival
Grotle: Evolve Turtwig / Rival
Torterra: Evolve Grotle / Rival
Chimchar: Route 201 Event / Rival
Monferno: Evolve Chimchar / Rival
Infernape: Evolve Monferno / Rival
Piplup: Route 201 Event / Rival
Prinplup: Evolve Piplup / Rival
Empoleon: Evolve Prinplup
Starly: Route 201
Staravia: Rival
Staraptor: Rival
Bidoof: Route 201
Bibarel: Route 208 / Route 209
Kricketot: Route 202 Trainer
Kricketune: Route 215
Shinx: Route 202
Luxio: Route 207
Luxray: Leader Volkner
Abra: Eterna Forest Trainer
Kadabra: Galactic Admin Saturn
Alakazam: Elite Four Lucian
Magikarp: Old Rod
Gyarados: Leader Crasher Wake
Budew: Route 204
Roselia: Eterna Gym
Roserade: Leader Gardenia
Zubat: Ragged Path
Golbat: Iron Island
Crobat: Galactic Leader Cyrus
Geodude: Ragged Path
Graveler: Iron Island
Golem: Elite Four Bertha
Onix: Leader Roark
Steelix: Leader Byron
Cranidos: Leader Roark
Rampardos: Victory Road
Shieldon: Route 215 Trainer
Bastiodon: Leader Byron
Machop: Route 207
Machoke: Leader Maylene
Machamp: Victory Road
Psyduck: Oreburgh Gate
Golduck: Pastoria Gym
Burmy: Route 202 Trainer
Wormadam: Route 214 Trainer
Mothim: Route 210 North Trainer
Wurmple: Eterna Forest Trainer
Silcoon: Eterna Forest Trainer
Beautifly: Eterna Forest Trainer
Cascoon: Eterna Forest Trainer
Dustox: Eterna Forest Trainer
Combee: Route 208 Trainer
Vespiquen: Elite Four Aaron
Pachirisu: Valley Windworks
Buizel: Valley Windworks
Floatzel: Leader Crasher Wake
Cherubi: Eterna Gym
Cherrim: Leader Gardenia
Shellos: Valley Windworks
Gastrodon: Route 218
Heracross: Elite Four Aaron
Aipom: Route 205 Trainer
Ambipom: Route 216 Trainer
Drifloon: Valley Windworks Friday Night
Drifblim: Leader Fantina
Buneary: Eterna Forest
Lopunny: Route 216 Trainer
Gastly: Old Chateau
Haunter: Hearthome Gym
Gengar: Victory Road
Misdreavus: Lost Tower
Mismagius: Leader Fantina
Murkrow: Galactic Leader Cyrus
Honchkrow: Galactic Leader Cyrus
Glameow: Galactic Grunts
Purugly: Galactic Admin Mars
Goldeen: Route 205 Trainer
Seaking: Route 217 (north tree corridor)
Barboach: Route 212 South Trainer (Fisherman)
Whiscash: Elite Four Bertha
Chingling: Victory Road Trainer
Chimecho: Victory Road Trainer
Stunky: Galactic Grunts
Skuntank: Galactic Admin Jupiter
Meditite: Leader Maylene
Medicham: Iron Island (Trainer)
Bronzor: Route 207 Trainer
Bronzong: Elite Four Lucian
Ponyta: Route 207
Rapidash: Elite Four Flint
Bonsly: Route 208
Sudowoodo: Route 216
Mime Jr.: Route 208
Mr. Mime: Elite Four Lucian
Happiny: Route 210 South Trainer
Chansey: Route 210
Blissey: Victory Road Trainer
Cleffa: Mt. Coronet
Clefairy: Mt. Coronet
Clefable: Victory Road
Chatot: Route 212 North Trainer
Pichu: Route 209
Pikachu: Route 206 (Cycling Road)
Raichu: Leader Volkner
Hoothoot: Route 212 South Trainer
Noctowl: Route 210 North
Spiritomb: Champion Cynthia
Gible: Victory Road Trainer
Gabite: Victory Road Trainer
Garchomp: Champion Cynthia
Munchlax: Rival
Snorlax: Rival
Unown: Solaceon Ruins
Riolu: Iron Island (Egg Event)
Lucario: Leader Maylene
Wooper: Route 212 South
Quagsire: Leader Crasher Wake
Wingull: Route 222 Trainer
Pelipper: Route 223
Girafarig: Valour Lakefront
Hippopotas: Route 216 Trainer
Hippowdon: Elite Four Bertha
Azurill: Pastoria Gym
Marill: Pastoria Gym
Azumarill: Pastoria Gym
Skorupi: Route 210 North
Drapion: Elite Four Aaron
Croagunk: Galactic Grunts
Toxicroak: Galactic Admin Saturn
Carnivine: Route 214 Trainer
Remoraid: Route 222
Octillery: Route 223 Trainer
Finneon: Route 222 Trainer
Lumineon: Route 223 Trainer
Tentacool: Route 218
Tentacruel: Route 223
Feebas: Route 222 Trainer
Milotic: Champion Cynthia
Mantyke: Route 218 Trainer
Mantine: Route 223 Trainer
Snover: Route 216 / Route 217
Abomasnow: Leader Candice
Sneasel: Leader Candice, Galactic Admin Cyrus
Weavile: Galactic Admin Cyrus
Uxie: Lake Acuity Cavern
Mesprit: Lake Verity Cavern
Azelf: Lake Valour Cavern
Dialga: Atop Spear Pillar [Event]
Palkia: Atop Spear Pillar [Event]
Manaphy: Pokemon Mansion on Route 212 (book)
Rotom: Old Chateau
Gligar: Route 207 Trainer
Gliscor: Elite Four Bertha
Nosepass: Route 207 Trainer
Probopass: Route 210 North
Ralts: Route 209
Kirlia: Route 217
Gardevoir: Victory Road Trainer
Gallade: Elite Four Lucian
Lickitung: Route 215
Lickilicky: Victory Road
Eevee: Hearthome City (Bebe)
Vaporeon: Route 214 Trainer
Jolteon: Leader Volkner
Flareon: Route 214 Trainer
Espeon: Elite Four Lucian
Umbreon: Route 212 South Trainer
Leafeon: Route 212 South Trainer
Glaceon: Route 217
Swablu: Route 210 North
Altaria: Victory Road
Togepi: Eterna City (Egg)
Togetic: Victory Road
Togekiss: Champion Cynthia
Houndour: Route 214
Houndoom: Elite Four Flint
Magnemite: Fuego Ironworks
Magneton: Leader Byron
Magnezone: Victory Road
Tangela: Route 210 North
Tangrowth: Victory Road
Yanma: Route 214
Yanmega: Elite Four Aaron
Tropius: Route 214
Rhyhorn: Route 214
Rhydon: Victory Road
Rhyperior: Elite Four Bertha
Duskull: Leader Fantina
Dusclops: Route 216
Dusknoir: Victory Road
Porygon: Route 214 (Collector)
Porygon2: Route 216
Porygon-Z: Victory Road
Scyther: Route 210 North
Scizor: Elite Four Aaron
Elekid: Route 210 South
Electabuzz: Sunyshore Gym
Electivire: Leader Volkner
Magby: Route 210 South
Magmar: Route 217
Magmortar: Elite Four Flint
Swinub: Route 216
Piloswine: Route 217
Mamoswine: Victory Road
Snorunt: Acuity Lakefront
Glalie: Snowpoint Gym, Victory Road
Froslass: Leader Candice
Absol: Victory Road
Giratina: Distortion World
As you can see, it's mostly about finding which trainer has it. Giratina's an exception, of course. If you have any questions or want to correct something, please PM me.
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