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Da Capo & Love Hina

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Da Capo & Love Hina

Post by Linkario on Sat Dec 06, 2008 7:03 am

I know I could have done them separately but to show I am not just in it for the posts and me being lazy I put both in here. To start I will talk about Da Capo. Da Capo: It is a pretty good series. You have to read the subtitles though because they speak completely in Japanese. But it is pretty good. It has like 4 seasons. I have watched all of season one. I loved it mainly because of Yoriko. I love her. She is really cute. She reverted though. :'( Now on two Love Hina. Love Hina: Only two seasons. Dubbed in English relatively good plot. Couple of good specials. Nobody special. A bit perverted. XD Well I have nothing else to say about these anime so just comment them and other stuff.
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